The Best of the Olympics, So Far....

by Carmen Cruz

Today is Saturday, February 20th, 2010

So I figured I'd try to put together a short, comprehensive list of what I'm recommending you visit/try and what you should definitely avoid this Olympics.

Here goes...

Best Houses to Visit (to experience the culture, learn, taste, enjoy, etc)
- Northern Canada House on Seymore & Hastings
- Discover Calabria House on Homer between Smithe and Robson
- Atlantic Canada House on Granville Island

Long lineups that aren't worth it
- Sochi House (Russia) at Science World
- Saskatchewan House (sorry Saskatchewan!)
- Molson Canada House (Seriously. Don't waste your $$$. You can have a lot more fun at other venues)
- The Bay (Seriously? If you're a local, wait till AFTER the Olympics, or go to Roots. If you're not from here, go later on towards the evening, during the week. For some reason, the lineup isn't as bad then.)

Best Houses to Party at (Where you might actually get in)
- Ontario House (Cheap beer, and a great crowd)
- Alberta house (a dud during the day, but a par-tay at night!)
- Atlantic Canada House (line up early. REALLY early.)

Attractions/ Stuff To Try that IS worth the lineup
- The Ziptrek Zipline
- Doing pottery with a Calabrese artist at Discover Calabria
- The Food Tastings at Atlantic Canada House are mind blowing!!!!!

Sorry friends, but that's all I've got so far. I'll keep you posted on more.