Stereophonics, Street Dancing and Being Sneaky....

by Carmen Cruz

So on Saturday, February 20th, my good friend Dar managed to get her hands on 4 tickets to a medal ceremony at BC place. Obviously, we were all PUMPED!!! Canada was getting a medal that night, so we were ready to hoot, holler and scream to our hearts content... PLUS, the Stereophonics were performing that night. It honestly doesn't get better than that right?

We had amazing seats but it turned out that the entire medal ceremony was being held in Whistler, so we watched it all on giant TV screens. Seriously? People PAY for this? Pppffffftt. If it weren't for the Stereophonics concert, I would have been pretty choked.

The band ROCKED and Laurie Logan, Sandra Klaric and I managed to snag an interview with Kelly Jones (dear GAD he's smokin' hot!!!!), lead singer of the band. See video....

Being the sneaky bunch we are, we managed to grab a picture next to the infamous opening ceremony cauldron (you know...the one that didn't work properly... :P) and I had a moment of insanity and managed to almost get myself stuck in a giant plastic ball (I'll look for it in the closing ceremonies and say, 'See? See? I was stuck in THAT....', like it's something to be proud of). See video.

Finally, after passing on a few lineups, the girls and I decided to walk around Downtown and found ourselves dancing in the streets. Literally. We came across a stage by the Plaza of Nations (right outside the casino) where there were singers belting out some vintage tunes. The girls and I joined the other random 12 people dancing in the street and know... danced in the street! See video.

And the rest is a blur and/or off limits. ;D