I Just Feel Like Dancing...

by Carmen Cruz

There was a theme for today (Monday, February 15th) and that was dancing. Sandra Klaric and I started the day at the Vancouver Art Gallery and ended up getting the ol' boot. Turns out the gallery lets you get in for free UNTIL 3PM. Boo-urns!!!! FYI: it's still worth checking out. I mean, having the chance to see the Leonardo Davinci Exhibit for free? You can't afford NOT TO!!!!

Next, it was a stop over at the BC Hydro Pavilion (over at Dunsmuir and Hamilton). The Pavilion itself was...meh. Nothing to get overly pumped about. The highlight of the pavilion though, was the BC Hydro dance floor!!!! Now that, my amigos & amigas, was fun. Check out the video to see Sandra and I in an intense dance off.

Our final stop was at LiveCity Vancouver (Downtown on Cambie and Georgia). Don't be fooled by the super long line up. It moves a lot quicker than you think. The Manitoba Pavilion was kinda...hmmm... how shall I put this... lame. There's not much to see and do (at least not while I was there) but the dance show's they put on are definitely a treat. They're actually kind of infections. See the video I've posted to understand...

The Canada Pavilion - be prepared for a pretty long lineup, but while you're there waiting, I say you take the time to chat with whomever is standing next to you in line. The comradery in this city is at an all time high, so I say you take advantage of it and possibly make a new friend. If you're more of an anti-social person, there's a giant screen showing the games so that'll help you avoid eye contact with anyone ;)
Inside the Canada Pavilion, there's a bunch of cool, interactive stuff you can try out, including sending a special message to all the Canadian athletes (see picture). Sandra and I also had a chance to meet Chris Daw. He's the only Canadian to represent Canada in 5 paralympics for 5 different sports. Very cool dude. (See Video).

We also met a new Vancouverite (from Germany) named Rabea who's a big fan of 100.5 The Peak, so a special hello to her (see pic!).

Soooo.....get out there and see everything you can. Seriously. You never know who you're gonna meet!