More Olympic Schtuff....

by Carmen Cruz

Today ~ Wednesday, February 17th.

I now have a couple of extra friends joining me on my Olympic Adventures.... (hello Byron & Carolina!!!).

We start things off at Pride house, which is on Bute, just off Davie street. It's literally right across the street from Blendz. If you're looking for a place to warm up, hang out and enjoy the games, I highly recommend this place. It's a bit small, but the people there are super friendly, they've got free snacks and cool stuff happening at certain times of the day. Check out their website for more info. (p.s: they also have SEATS!!! If you've been doing the Olympic thing like I have, you know how precious and few those are at most houses.)

Next, the long walk to Alberta house. What can I say without insulting my own 'hood' (yes, I'm from Edmonton and PROUD OF IT!!!!). The venue itself (on Cambie and Robson. Right across from BC place) was super nice, but there's not much to really check out during the day. They have quite a few performers hitting their stage, but it's mostly country music (which is cool if you're into that). At night, it turns into a nightclub, which is actually really cool. The music they play is pretty dance-y, but it's got a great atmosphere. Beers come out to about $7 each, which isn't too bad when you consider that most other houses charge anywhere between $8 and $10 PER DRINK. Yikes. All in all, Alberta is better at night. (FYI: The Dudes are playing there on Friday, February 19th. That show is a definite MUST!!!!)

Over at the Bell Ice cube (which is almost right across the street from Alberta House) there are ridiculously long lineups. It's kinda worth it and kinda not, depending on what time of day you go. Watch the video for more info.

There are people giving tons of stuff away on the streets, so you never know what you'll go home with. See video...

The line up for the Bay downtown is ridiculous!!!! Sooooo long. I recommend going later on at night. It's not nearly as bad as it is during the day. If you're ever in the area, just walk up to The Bay windows and watch people go nuts in the store. It's literally a shopping frenzy with people grabbing and shoving. Amusing to watch... See pic of lineup.

And last, but certainly not least, we headed to the Northern Canada House (on Hastings and Seymore). Culturally and visually, this is one of the best houses so far. Tons to see and do, and lot's of interesting facts. Seriously. The people who work there are passionate about the place and it totally rubs off on you. Plus, they have some amazing stories to tell. I think it's the must see house. See video. (FYI: They're staying open until about mid April, so now you have no excuses NOT to go. Plus it's FREEEEE!!!!)

Alright. Off to rest my tired toes. Walking all day. Buenas Noches!!!