It's All About Granville Island

by Carmen Cruz

Today ~ Tuesday February 16th, 2010

It's all about Granville Island today.

First stop for Sandra, Laurie and I was the House of Switzerland (in Bridges). Ok. I've gotta say this and I truly hope that I don't offend anyone. That place stinks. Seriously. It reeks. It smells like funky cheese, which is understandable because they serve a lot of it, but truth be told, the girls and I just couldn't get used to the smell, so we headed outside. The cool thing about this venue is that they're giving away some type of free food everyday, and it's always something yummy. See video.

Next was the Place de La Francophonie. We were there in the afternoon and there really wasn't much to see. The highlight of the day was the Nazo Parade. A totally cool/insane parade put on by a bunch of volunteers. It happens almost everyday at 5:30pm. They basically march around Granville island and freak kids out. The stage for the pavilion there is huge, and I'm thinking I might stop by again to check out some of their singers (and remember the summer of my Quebec exchange... good times!). You should try to check out a few performers. You might be surprised to find that they're pretty amazing!

Last, was Atlantic House Canada (in the Arts Club Theatre). This is by far, the best PARTY/ FOOD TASTING ZONE. I'll warn you now. The lineups there are ridiculous. BEYOND ridiculous. I guess the Vancouver Sun gave this house a gold medal and now everyone wants a piece of the action. I don't blame them one bit. First there's the free food tastings they have almost everyday. I'm not talking tiny, bland samples either. You'll try food that you would find in a fine dining restaurant. Amazing wine too. No exaggeration. See video.

So here's an idea of how bad the lineups are there. The girls and I were there at 4:30 for the tasting and people were already lined up for The Trews concert that night (they hit the stage around 9:30-ish). 5 HOURS!!!!! INSANITY!!!!
Overall, the pavilion has tons to offer. Music, amazing food and theme nights. Going there is a must, but dress warm and be ready to wait. Keep in mind, the wait it worth it.

Totally random run in: Nardwuar (The Human Serviette). He's putting on a show/ exhibit on Granville island. Check out his website for more info. I have to say, the true highlight of my evening was doing the "doot doodle doot doot.... DOOT DOOT!!!" with the guy. It was awesome-ness (yes, it's a word...) and made my night.

Have fun and stay warm amigos/ amigas!!!



One quick tip: Dress warm. Yeah, the sun is out, but the evenings get super cold. Trust me on this. Wear super comfortable shoes too. You'll regret heels in about 20 minutes.