The Ricmond Ozone

by Carmen Cruz

So today my adventures took me to the Richmond Ozone.

It was South Asian Day, so it was all about Bhangra dancing and Bollywood movies. Very colourful and very cool!

The Ozone has it's own skating rink, which looks like a ribbon of ice wrapped around green grass. I asked several times how they managed to keep the ice from melting but the answers never really made sense. Ah well. We'll chalk it up to an 'Olympic Miracle'. (FYI: Skate rentals are just $2) See Video.

Next was a stop at the BCLC fun zone, which was pretty awesome. You can try your hand at the Biathalon, taking slapshots for prizes(See video), and experiencing the bobsled in 3D. You can also have an (unofficial) athlete badge made, which was probably the coolest thing we did there. I wonder how many places we can get away with using this? Mind you, I highly doubt that I can pass for an ice hockey player (as stated on my athlete pass). BTW: there's no way in hell that I'm posting a picture of it. It's so hideous that even my own mother would be ashamed to look at it.

Next was a visit to BC street where you can check out all the different regions of BC, including Comox, Tofino and the Okanagan. Did you know that Comox is the oyster capital of BC???? Neither did I. When you stop my these venues, you can try the odd food sample and enter to win a ton of prizes (which I did. Here's hoping they don't sell their email lists!!!).

I also wanted to thank Peak listener Leeann Froese for hooking me up with a yummy Icewine tasting at Inniskillin. Turns out that Inniskillin has an Icewine tasting area there (and has a commemorative Olympic Icewine) . It's not too expensive and definitely worth a visit, especially if you're a wino like me ;)

Last was a visit to the Holland Heineken House. I wanted to find out what the big deal was about this place. Why is the lineup always insane? Why did everyone and anyone want to try to get in there? I got the grand tour and I've gotta say that it's not too bad! Like most places, they have a merchandise and sponsor area (I guess they've gotta pay the bills right?) and a Dutch radio station that airs out of the house ~ straight to Holland. Their beer garden/ restaurant/ entertainment area is nice and big and has an overall good vibe. It also smells like Stamppot - a potato/ sauerkraut/ sausage in a cone combo that everyone tries when they walk in. (FYI: Their money system is different there. Be aware of this). Holland house is known for it's nightlife. This is one of the coolest places to party. In fact, it's so cool that one of the most famous Dutchmen in the world stopped by yesterday last minute; the #1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren surprised Holland house fans when he announced last minute that he was going to perform a set (is that what you call it in DJ lingo???). Either way, I found out about this in 'The Daily Dutch International' a daily Olympic newspaper put together by the Dutch and available at their pavilion (in both English and Dutch ~ The Dutch version is longer though).
The Dutch consider themselves experts when it comes to their presentation at the Olympics (they've been doing it for a VERY long time) and it shows.
Right now, all the Dutch are holding their collective breath and hoping that one of their athletes will help mark a milestone for their country: their 100th gold medal in their Olympic history. You know that's gonna be cause for a HUGE celebration at Holland House!
So, the house itself is a blast and if you wanna go partake of a few adult beverages in the evening, I recommend you get there by about 5 o'clock (but still expect a lineup at that time, n'kay?).