Money, Movies And The Mayor

by Carmen Cruz

Today is Tuesday, February 23rd.

I started today at the Royal Canadian Mint on Granville and Pender. First of all, there's ALWAYS a long lineup there. From open to close, long lines. You've just gotta accept that if you're headed there. The Mint is...ok. The highlight for me was getting the chance to hold the Olympic and Paralympic medals. (FYI: if you piece all the medals together, they make up a work of art. See the black and white picture to see what it that would look like).
The giant Canadian gold coin (worth a million bucks by the way) was kinda cool to check out as well. Other than that, I was ready to go. Sorry to all of you who have a general interest in the Royal Canadian Mint. If it's any consolation, my dad is a coin collector. Me? Not so much. I prefer the spending aspect of it all... ;) See Video

Next Laurie Logan and I headed to the 4 Host First Nations House. There, you have a chance to watch a movie in their dome called 'We Are Here' (lineups aren't too bad). You also have the opportunity to try traditional cuisine and check out First Nations performers doing their 'thang'... rap, hip hop, blues, jazz, rock, etc. You name it, they're performing it. Free shows for the public every evening. There are also giant Coke bottles scattered at this venue, which have all been designed by First Nations artists and are all up for auction with proceeds going to charity. Cool. See pictures.

Final stop was LiveCity Yaletown. The lineup was actually minimal (a miracle!!!) and I've gotta say the the Coca-cola tent was the highlight (no endorsement intended here :P). There was this employee who actually had the word Coca-cola shaved into his head! Talk about dedication! Getting a collectible coke bottle and having your picture taken with the Olympic torch is one of the coolest things to do here, along with finding out about all the environmental initiatives that some of the sponsors at LiveCity Yaletown are involved in. A solar powered cell phone? Yup. Believe it. I also had the chance to see our Mayor (Gregor Robertson) drumming for a band called Bitterly Divine. It was kinda weird/funny to hear the bands lead singer call our Mayor, 'The Mayor of Rock'. See video.

Alrighty. Richmond Ozone, here I come!