The Paralympics Are Here!!!!

by Carmen Cruz

So I've gotta admit, I'm neither ON the Olympic Bandwagon or OFF it. I try to remain impartial. I have my reasons for liking it and reasons for hating it. But no matter how you feel (felt) about it, you have to admit that the city now seems so empty without it. That sense of excitement that used to linger in the air has now turned to boredom... maybe even sadness. Remember when your weekends consisted of figuring out which 'house' to go visit? Irish House? Nah, maybe Holland House. How about Saxony? Man. Those were good times...

So, if you had the Olympic blues, Good News!!!! The Paralympics kick off today! More of the world's best athletes are back in the city, competing for gold. So what does that mean to you? More cool, free stuff to do! More concerts! More fun! Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy!

Last night, after watching 'Alice in Wonderland' (more that half the theatre was on "E" or something...I swear!) some friends and I headed to Robson Square to see what was happening. We managed to catch the Paralympic flame passing by. No, there wasn't a mob of people swarming the athlete, but there were a bunch of us yelling out words of encouragement and the odd 'Whoot Whoot!!!'. Not the same turn out though. It's kinda sad. These athletes are the best of the best and deserve our support. OK. I'll get off my soap box now.

So I managed to snag a pic with one of the torch bearers (Hi Dominic!) and I chased down another torch bearer (see video).

There's also a Coca Cola booth set up on Robson and Burrard. There was a comedian there putting on a show, so I decided to heckle him a bit (;D). See video.

I know that a bunch of us here at the station are looking forward to the free shows!!! This Sunday, a bunch of us will be heading to the Trews concert at Live City Downtown. The concert starts at 7pm, but you definitely wanna get there early. I imagine the long lineups will start up again. If you see any of us Peak people down there, make sure that you come up and say hello!!!! We might have some Peak swag to giveaway... hint hint.

See you there!!!