The Trews at LiveCity Downtown and other schtuff

by Carmen Cruz

So Laurie Logan and I (and the rest of our entourage) went out to Live City Downtown to check out The Trews.

I'll keep this short. It was a great show and many adult beverages were consumed. The Trews rocked it. See a mini concert clip below.

There are also a TON of free things to do and cool places to visit. Here's a link to another blog that has helped me out, BIG TIME!!!

Some highlights include - LiveCity Downtown (obviously!). Canada Pavilion/Manitoba House on site as well.

Northern Canada House (on Seymore and Hastings). Open till April 17th. They have something cool happening just about every day. Make sure you stop by at least ONCE!

BC Pavilion (Vancouver Art Gallery) - you can check visit the Vancouver Art Gallery (sorry, just don't feel right calling it VAG) for free until 3pm, everyday. Expect a lineup on most days. There's also free skating at the GE ice rink. See video.
The zipline is also up and running, but again, expect a lineup. Hey! What do you expect? It's free!!!

Korea House (in the Sutton Place Hotel). This venue is open till March 21st. So the deal is that Korea really, really, REALLY wants to host the next Winter Olympics (after Sochi, of course). They have interesting shows there and a few things to try out. It's ok. Just keep in mind that you'll most likely end up watching a video about what makes Korea the ideal country to host the Winter Olympics.