Oldies But Goodies!

by Carmen Cruz

I was hanging out with Nat & Katie this weekend. We made our way over to the New Bohemian, and I have to say that their music is awesome!

So Katie mentioned that she checks out my blog for music suggestions, which made me feel both flattered and weird. Flattered because she actually took the time to read my words, and weird because I always imagine 1 or 2 people accidentally stumbling across my blog, saying 'WTF!!' and then going back to facebook, downloading, or searching for... stuff *wink, wink*.
Moving on...

Here are a few tunes inspired by Katie, and by this new musical movement of 'old style tunes' that seems to be popping up all over the place.  


Kitty, Daisy & Lewis ~ Going up the Country (A sister, brother & sister trio from London, England. They formed back in 2000 (YES, 2000!) and have a wicked swing & rockabilly sound. I loooooooooove this music!). Apparently, their fans include Amy Winehouse, Ewan McGregor and Chris Martin from Coldplay.

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings ~ How Long? (Sharon has the soul of James Brown. Seriously!!! This is the type of soul music we haven't had a chance to hear in a loooong time. Here's a live version of the same song that shows you this woman's true awesomeness. Sharon & The Dap Kings were here in Vancouver just this past Friday at the Malkin Bowl. If you were there, I'm jealous, but I'd love to hear a review.

The Heavy ~ How You Like Me Now?  (Holy crap! This dude's voice kicks ass!!! My buddy Jimmy invited me to go to this show with him last summer. I was all... nah. Gonna stay home and chill. IDIOT **said in the Napoleon Dynamite voice**).

Nina Simone ~ My Baby Just Cares For Me (Now this one is actually an oldie, but I love this song soooooo much, that I had to share it with you. It's a sweet, smooth jazzy tune and one of the best Nina Simone songs of all time, in my humble opinion. I hope you like it.)      

Erasure ~ Always **Warning! This music video REEKS of blue cheese** (Ok, so this is completely different from the last few tunes, but it IS an oldie. My friend Conners and I were trying to pick the cheesiest, funniest but at the same time, most awesome 80's tune we could come up with to play at a house party she was having. This song came up. Whether you want to or not, this song WILL make you smile...**This is also the Robot Unicorn Attack song. If you're a gamer, you know what I'm talking about** )
This is another Erasure tune that  I used to love as a kid. I was always mesmerized by the music video. Maybe it was a combo of seeing men dressed as women, or maybe it was because I loved ABBA so much (and still do! Don't judge...). You WILL be singing this song later today.... haaaaa haaaa!!!!

Lenny Kravitz ~ I Belong To You (So maybe you can't categorize this one as being an oldie, but it came up on my iPod while I was taking Maslow (my dog) for a walk. RANDOM FACT TIME: Lenny Kravitz wrote this song for his daughter Zoe when he finally realized that he couldn't be the 'party-all-the-time-rock-star'. She helped ground him and in a way, gave his life new meaning. This was his gift to her. The piano you hear in the background is a actual baby piano. You know, the tiny ones that you buy for babies to punch on? Yeah, well Lenny recorded himself playing Zoe's baby piano....... I bet you'll never listen to this song the same way again ;). This is also the music video where Lenny Kravitz debuted his new *gasp* dreadlock- free look. He's never gone back since.)