Love Vancouver...

by Carmen Cruz

Today, I checked out the 'Love Vancouver, Love your Planet ' Festival.  Love Vancouver, Love Your Planet coincides with UN World Environment Day and kicks off Canadian Environment Week (yup, that's this week, so tune up your bikes and leave your car at home, or just take a nice long walk.) 

The festival celebrates and encourages Vancouverites to build a more sustainable future for the city, by bringing communities together to share ideas and celebrate innovations. There was an eco-fair, art installations, musicians, food stalls, and activities for the family. It was only the first year of this event, so needless to say, there wasn't a whole lot to see and do, but give it a few years and this event will grow to be awesome. To be perfectly honest, I was more excited about being able to check out the Athletes Village for the very first time. Nice place!

The highlight of my day though, was picking up my brand new pair of Native shoes. Every time I wear a pair of my Natives, people stop and ask me about my shoes. What makes them so cool??? Well, these sneaks are made of this super light weight EVA-foam-injected material. They're uber durable (I tend to trip a lot and can be a little extra rough on my shoes), antimicrobial and odour resistant. Yes, your feet WILL sweat a bit, but they won't ever stink. Yay!... and ew. 

Basically, these sneaks are like crocks, but waaaaaaay cooler. Think of a lightweight pair of chucks...
And now you know!            

You can pick these up at El Kartel on Granville and Homewerx on Davie. OR, check out their site :)

To add to these shoes' coolness, they're also designed right here in VANCOUVER and have received some major love from 'The Oprah'. Pick up a pair before they become ridiculously trendy and EVERYONE and their dog has a pair.