Everybody's talkin' 'bout mmmmm pop music!

by Carmen Cruz

When I say that I'm a music lover, I mean it. I love all types of music, and yes that includes the  sometimes over-processed and overplayed pop tunes.

Besides having an unhealthy love for ABBA, pop is another guilty pleasure of mine.

Here are a few pop picks for the week:

Pitt Bull ft. Neyo - Give Me Everything  ~ Seriously? I looooove Neyo. Love him. Fun song. Don't judge.

Lady Gaga - Born This Way ~ The more I learn about Lady Gaga and her story, the more I like her. Can you believe that this video is over 7 minutes long? It's super weird, but now you can see why the gay boys love her. For the love of Gad, she starts the music video with a shot of a unicorn!!! Either way, great song.

Far East Movement ft Ryan Tedder - Rocketeer ~ Cause it's an awesome song and you know it.

Katy Perry - Firework  ~ Don't judge me! I can feel you judging...     

And now, and oldie but a goodie. Is this pop? Yeah. Kinda. I have no idea why, but the Zoobilee Zoo! theme song and THIS particular tune have been in my head this week. Don't ask me why. Take a listen and just try to NOT sing along! Oh George Harrison... You... Are... Awesome!