Bored At Work? Not Anymore!

by Carmen Cruz

Ok. So you're sitting there at work right now, bored out of your skull.
I like to consider myself the connoisseur of 'interesting websites that entertain'. Let's be honest here, you've hit a wall and creativity has reached a low point. I think that by visiting some of these sites, you'll get the inspiration you need to continue your day. So in essence, I'm helping with your productivity, not reducing it... right? Yeah. Let's stick to that.

Here are a few of my favourite sites. LOVE THEM!

Awkward Family Photos ~ The title says it all. Hilarious!  

CRAIGSLIST!!!! ~ Self explanatory. I LOOOOOVE this site. I could surf it for hours. Check out the free section (there's some seriously WEIRD stuff on there sometimes) and more importantly, check out the 'Best of Craigslist' section. It's on the bottom left hand corner area (small writing). There's also 'Craigslist TV'. It's in the same area as the 'Best of Craigslist'. Watch it. You won't be disappointed.
**Random side note: Did you know that this site was created by a dude named... yup! Craig! His name is Craig Newmark and here's a little interview clip about him. Cool.

Damn You Auto Correct ~ We've all had this happen. The auto correct changes an innocent text into a moment of awkwardness and hilarity. Enjoy


27bslash6 ~ A cheeky blog written by this sarcastic douchebag in Australia. If you have sarcastic humour, like me, you'll be laughing your ass off. One of my favourite entries is called 'Missing Missy'. I laughed till I cried. Literally. Make sure you click on the 'complain about this page' link on the right hand side of the page. This guy is AWESOME!

Free Arcade ~ If you're more of a 'gamer' (and I use this term loosely. There's no World of Warcraft on this site) then check out this site. I first heard about this site from a few classmates back in my broadcasting school days in Edmonton, Alberta. At NAIT, I was in the RTA (radio & television arts) program (in TV. FUN!) and during our law & ethics class (not so fun) we would play the game Collapse. We'd play for the entire class, trying to beat each others high score. Good times. Great game. **MAKE SURE THE COMPUTER VOLUME IS ON MUTE WHEN YOU HIT THIS SITE**


The Onion ~ A Classic! A parody news organization. Be sure to check out the A.V Club section too.

Ok. That's enough time wasting material. Get back to work.