Missed my flight. FACK!!!!

by Carmen Cruz

Those who know me well, know that I can sometimes be *ahem* fashionably late. I blame it on my Chilean heritage. Chileans are almost ALWAYS late. No joke. But today? No, I was NOT late. I was about an hour early for a domestic flight (leaving Calgary and heading back to Vancouver).

I went through security and I was pulled aside and told that Latinas weren't welcome... just kidding! I was told that I had too many liquid products and that they had to all fit in one bag. I had two... but Vancouver airport security didn't have a problem! Calgary... not so much. I was told that I had to toss some things or check my baggage with the airline. At this point, my flight had begun to board. With a trembling lower lip, I went through by bags of products and threw away a pricey facial cleanser, discontinued tube of toothpaste that I LOVE (yup. Nerd), and a tiny bottle of rose water. I'm a beauty junkie, so this was like cutting off a finger (dramatic, but true).

By the time I got back in the line up, I had about another 15 people in front of me. As I got near the front, (one person away actually!) an entire Lufthansa Airline Crew politely said 'excuse me' and cut in front. 6 more people! Since the crew are in and out of the airport regularly, they began to chat with security. I wanted to punch each and every one of them in the throat. In my mind, I think I told them to 'shut the f*ck up and move your f*cking ass' about 100 times. Sadly, the crew took their sweet time and  15 minutes later, they were finally past security. In my mind I was screaming, but my face was as calm as can be.  I've always had super expressive eyes that, despite my facial expression, always give my true feelings away. A security guard looked at me and immediately said 'what's wrong'? I began blubbering 'I'm about to miss my flight and now I'm starting to freak out'!!!!!!... So the guy was kind enough to rush me through (muchas gracias... whoever you are!).

I ran to my gate, just in time to see my plane leave. Now, I sit here.... waiting another 3 hours for my next flight back home to Vancouver. I've never missed a flight before, so this was a scary experience for me.When I called my brother-in-law (Dave) to let him know that I'd be arriving late, he was NOT sympathetic to my frustration/ situation. He was all 'crews ALWAYS have priority in security'. Dave, is a pilot. You know what Dave? Shut your pie hole.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm finished whining now. Thanks for letting me bitch.

Back to surfing my latest addiction (etsy.com) while I wait... and wait... and wait...