Wide Mouth Mason ~ New Schtuff!

by Carmen Cruz

I ran into  Shaun Verreault and his gorgeous wife on Granville street the other day. I've been lucky enough to get to know these two through work and there's nothing more awesome that meeting a talented performer who is not only super cool, but also super approachable. I had the chance to hang out with Shaun (and his hottie Mrs.) at the listening party for the new Wide Mouth Mason (WWM) album called 'No Bad Days'. WWM has added the ridiculously talented Gordie Johnson (from Big Sugar) to their musical team. The result? It's a dirty, sexy rock sound interlaced with Gordie's raw bass style and Shauns high and pure vocals. You know what? Me likey. For the story behind the music and a teeny tiny sample of tunage from the upcoming album (due out on July 12th) check out the video below.