An Update & Amazing Music

by Carmen Cruz

It's been a while since I've written anything... I guess my 2 followers must have been devastated (Mom? Dad? Who am I kidding. My parents don't know how to use the internet).

I've been trying to settle into my new place, m new job, and my new life. I must admit, waking up at 4:30am has been kicking my a$$ (I looooove's me my beauty sleep!) but slowly... very slowly... I've been getting used to life in Calgary. The people here are SUPER friendly, but I must admit, the sushi here will never compare to Vancouver.

So without further ado, here's a list of a few tunes I'm into.

The Walkmen ~ We've been had. You might have heard a tiny sample of this song in a Saturn   commercial a couple of years back. It's such an amazing tune. Chill, but nice :)  (P.S: Brutal music video. Don't let it ruin the song for you).

Bebel Gilberto ~ Aganju. It's bossa nova at its finest. If you've never heard this type of music, or Bebel before, this will be the perfect introduction.

Broken Bells ~ Sailing To Nowhere. Half chilled out, half heavy. Listen to the tune and you'll see what I mean. This entire album is brilliant (self-titled).

Kyprios ~ Holding On. An AMAZING artist from Vancouver. His entire album (12:12) is a wicked mix of rap, r&b and indie sounds. This guy will be HUGE!!! Another cool tune is called November 11th. (**Sadly, I can't find any links for these tunes, but you can follow this link to Kyp's website**)

Citizen Cope ~ Sideways. A cool artist from the states. His tunes are mind blowing, but his on stage presence is only meh. I'm just being honest here. He's not a fan of encores or chatting with the audience, mind you, I may have just caught him on a bad day. Either way, check him out. (FYI: The version of the song I'm attaching is not the original version, but the one that features Carlos Santana on guitar. It just makes the song even more heartbreaking).