He'll be drinking a whole lotta (boxed) Red, Red Wine.

by Carmen Cruz

Remember the band UB40?  Did I just age myself? Ah well. Fack it. I remember riding around with my older sister in her best friends Tracker and listening to UB40 singing 'Red Red Wine' full blast, thinking that this was the best song and the coolest moment of my life. Clearly I had low standards as a child (just kidding ;).

Well I came across an article today that says that the former lead singer of UB40 (Ali Campbell) has declared bankruptcy. Ali joins his four former bandmates who all declared bankruptcy this year.

According to NME, "Both the singer and the band's bankruptcy follows the failure of their record firm and management company DEP International and a bitter bust-up over band finances which forced Campbell to quit in 2008. Campbell said he tried to warn his bandmates about the impending financial disaster."

Sh*tty deal.

So to honour the boys, here's a link to the song that made them super famous (a song that was originally written and performed by the really, really, ridiculously talented Señor Neil Diamond). Hopefully it takes you back to the good ol' days... of riding around the city of Edmonton in a Tracker. ;D