Chill Out Already!!!

by Carmen Cruz

There's nothing like moving (in my case, from one province to another) to bring out the nutcase in a person. I detest moving. The tearing apart, disassembling, wrapping and packing of your personal belongings into a box and then another box, and another. It's weird to see how my entire life can be packed and stuffed into a room. I'm sadly one of those people who can get really attached to their stuff... but really that's all it is. Stuff. I'm going through a huge purging phase. I'm trying to get rid of a lot of the things I've collected over the years. I'm also trying to get rid of my ridiculous emotional attachment to objects.
The movers arrive on Wednesday to pick up my belongings and from there, I'll stuff the necessities and Maslow into my small car, and off we go to Vancouver. Since most of my things are already tightly packed away, I feel as though I'm living in limbo. I can't really do much, but keep on putting things away (or selling them) and preparing for my long journey. Right now, it's the 'limbo' thing that's driving me insane. My mom & cousin came for a day to help me pack (pack, pack, PACK! I'm really starting to detest that word) and at one point, my mom pulled me aside and told me to just CHILL OUT! For someone who can be fairly high strung, this can be a tough thing to do. I've always considered music a form of comfort or escape, so I've been trying to focus on taking the time to just relax and enjoy my music. I have a 'chill out playlist' on my iPod, and I find that I tend to gravitate towards certain songs. Here are some of the ones I tend to put on repeat. So if you're having an 'I'M FREAKING OUT' moment, just take the time to sit back, breathe and enjoy these tunes. I hope they can help you they way they've helped me.

Zero 7 ~ In The Waiting Line

Massive Attack ft. Tracey Thorn ~ Protection

Travis ~ Sing

Keane ~ A Bad Dream

Coldplay ~ Strawberry Swing

Zero 7 ~ Destiny

The Verve ~ Lucky Man 

Lauryn Hill ~ Tell Him

Relax & Enjoy <3