How much would you pay for John Lennon's tooth???

by Carmen Cruz

 It's a million dollar question.. or at least a £10,000 question. Yup, it's true, a molar that belonged to John Lennon is being auctioned off on November 5th at the Omega Auction house in Stockport.
So who the heck is selling this tooth, and how did he/she get it? Good question. Turns out that the tooth was given to Lennon's former housekeeper (why? I have no idea) and this woman has been sitting on it (not literally, of course. That would be gross) for almost 50 years. She's now decided to part with it. So, if you have AT LEAST £10,000 hidden under your mattress (and who doesn't really?) I guess, this  rock & roll artifact (if you wanna call it that) could be yours.
True Story.