Addictions can be good... and bad.

by Carmen Cruz

The technology can be a dangerous thing.
Lately, I've been completely addicted to a few sites and apps.

#1) Etsy ~ I love to shop. I do. And last year I discovered this website where artisans of all sorts can post their creative and handmade items for sale. Now while you can find some amazing, cool or truly unique items, you can also come across some serious crap that makes you think... WTF!!!!  That's no longer Esty, it's Regretsy. Boys, tons of cool stuff on there for you too! Things can get a bit pricey, but there are definitely some deals to be had as well. I'm thinking of buying these.... (someone, please tell me to stop. I'm begging you. GAD!).


So if you're into the 'Handmade Revolution' like me, I'll see you at Make it Van!, which is happening November 24rth - 27th at the Croatian Cultural Centre. Imagine Etsy style vendors all squished into one room. Good times. Bring your wallet. For realsies.

#2) Instagram ~ This is a wicked iphone app that I use on almost a daily basis. This app can help turn even the crappiest photographer into... a LESS crappy photographer. If you have the app, find me on there and friend me n'kay? I'm under Carmen Cruz. Here are a few of my pics (made MUCH prettier thanks to Instagram).

#3) There's a Spanish website I've discovered where you can watch fairly new movies (anything that's now featured on Shaw's VOD) as well as TV shows, FOR FREE!!!! Yes, the site is in Spanish, but all the English programs remain in English, with Spanish subtitles that can easily removed with the click of a button. The best part of this site is that you don't have to download the movies, you stream them instead. It's brilliant. You can basically kiss your spare time goodbye. If you're interested in finding out more about this site, email me ( I WAS going to post the site here, but I'm scared that doing so might get it shut down. Lame, I know, but I'm a bit paranoid. Big brother is watching...