Songs Of The Week!!!

by Carmen Cruz

Here's what I'm into.

Peter, Bjorn & John ~ Young Folks. One of the few tunes out there where the whistling part doesn't sound cheesy.

The Cribs ~ Men's Needs ~ A wicked song with a silly music video featuring a naked girl having a tantrum. (**Yup, it's safe to watch at work**). They're a 3 piece band made up of a group of brothers from England. I know for a fact that if my brothers and sister and I created a band and started touring, one of us would be found dead after 3 weeks... or it would be a whole Liam and Noel Gallagher situation, again, after just 3 weeks. FYI: The lead singer (Ryan) married Kate Nash last year. 

And speaking of Kate Nash....

Kate Nash ~ Foundations - I *heart* Kate Nash. She's often compared to Lilly Allen. This song talks about being in a sh*tty and dysfunctional relationship and yet you just can't let go. Haven't we all been there? ;D

Crystal Castles ~ Not In Love - This tune features Robert Smith from The Cure and has a total 80's vibe to it. Dance? Yes please!

Jamiroquai ~ Little L - Oh Jamiroquai, where have you gone? Your fans really miss you.

One more Jamiroquai song? Why not.

Jamiroquai ~ Seven Days in Sunny June (Try not to watch the music video. On a day like today, it's torture).