Could music videos soon have age ratings??

by Carmen Cruz

UK prime minister David Cameron is now pushing to to have age ratings and warnings listed/posted on music videos. He says, " he wants new regulations to stop "the commercialisation and sexualisation" of childhood" (thanks for the quote NME!).

At first I was all...WHAT?!?!?! But now, as I think about it more carefully, I kind of agree. You see, I'm an aunt, and if my two nephews were to sit and watch... say... this music video with me, they'd have a lot of questions. They're at that age where they question EVERYTHING.

At the same time, I'm also at a point where I'm tired of how 'PC' everything has become. There's    always SOMETHING offending SOMEONE out there. For example, remember when Saturday Night live used to be... FUNNY???? I'm talking about the days when Eddie Murphy, Molly Shannon, and even Will Ferrel were on the show (obviously, this is a huge span of time). Now, everything is just so... censored and 'sensitive'.

Hmmm... this is a toughie. Thoughts?