Some solid advice for all the guys out there.

by Carmen Cruz

I was running along the seawall last night, enjoying the fresh, clean, salty sea air, and I happened to pass a young couple (clearly in the early stages of their relationship). As I ran past, the young guy's cologne literally slapped me in the face. It was SO STRONG that I could taste it in my mouth, even after I'd already passed him.



Boys, here's my advice to you. The concept of cologne is to smell yummy, right? You definitely DO NOT want to bathe in it. You have to do the cheesy spritz it in the air, and walk through it. There's nothing sexier than a man who smells good (it's one of my weaknesses, actually), but you wanna put on the cologne sparingly so that we ladies get a hint of your smelly goodness, and then want to get closer for more... and getting closer is good, right?



p.s: Joop is the worst cologne ever made on the planet, and I can't believe that some guys out there still wear that sludge. Don't. Just.... don't.