Vancouver based reality series debuts TONIGHT on Slice Network!

by Carmen Cruz

It's called 'The Mistress'.
The show's host is a woman (from Wales) named Sarah Symonds. She's most notably known as the former mistress of prominent men such as Chef Gordon Ramsay and Lord Jeffrey Archer.
Was she a professional mistress? Yes.
Has she since kicked these men to the curb, changed her ways, and moved on? Yes.

Sarah wrote a fairly controversial book called "Having An Affair? A Handbook For The Other Woman". She's since made it her goal to help women (all over the world) who are involved with married men to change their ways, leave their 'toxic relationships' and move forward (and AWAY from any romantic involvement with married men or MM's as she likes to call them).  Sarah has become, what some like to call, an 'infidelity expert'. She's been featured/ interviewed on Oprah, The View, 20/20, Dr. Phil, Dateline, and many other shows.

The show 'The Mistress' is largely based here in Vancouver with only a handful of episodes taking place in Toronto. These women and their stories are real, and some of them are pretty heart-breaking. Before you jump up and yell 'HARLOT!!!!', I recommend you watch the show. You might be surprised.

Another reason I'll be watching tonight is because the very first episode was filmed at my apartment. It was a stand-in place for the actual featured mistress' home, and was merely a safety precaution for the participant. Am I genuinely excited to see my home/belongings on national TV. Yeah. Kinda sad, but true.

Why should you watch tonight? Because A) While you (and I) would never condone infidelity, this show will shatter many illusions you might have when it comes to the secret world of mistresses, and B) Vancouver is the backdrop for the ENTIRE show. Chances are, you'll see many of your favourite places featured on the show... and who knows? You might even see yourself, or someone you know. 

That's tonight, on Slice Network at 8PM (PDT). 



p.s: Turns out Sarah not only has a way with men! My dog (Maslow) was absolutely in love with her. Look at him. What a suck!!!!