ALERT!!! Free Clothing Swap THIS Sunday!!!

by Carmen Cruz

Ladies, here's the deal:
THIS Sunday, from 4pm - 7pm there's a free clothing swap taking place at Sugarbox (one of the absolute BEST waxing bars in the city) in Yaletown.
I had a chance to chat with Sugarbox owner and clothing swap organizer Jane, and here's what she wants you to know.

The lovely Jane!
Massive clothing swap = Brilliant. What inspired you to start this event?
 Jane - I love clothes. I went to my first swap 5 years ago and it was SO FUN. You recycle what you haven't worn ages and find new treasures. Normally some wine is drank, new friends are made and you get some interesting fashion input. It's free, eco, fab and pretty much the smartest thing ever.

Last year was the first time for this event, no? How was the turnout?
Jane - Yup, last year was a first for us and within the first hour, we had about 70 women graze through. I'm still a bit rusty with the whole social media thing and was really impressed that everyone there had found out by word of mouth. We ended up collecting about 1200 items in total.

What type of clothing or items are you looking for?
Jane - Any and all items are welcome. Everyone has very different/eclectic/creative taste, right? We're all sizes and all fashions, and that's really celebrated at an event like this.

Is there any cost or fee involved in this event? What about ladies who have nothing to donate, but still want to come check it out?
Jane - It's totally free. Our business practice isn't about profits. We genuinely like to have fun and socialize with rad females (which an event like this tends to attract). You receive a ticket for each item you bring, which allows you to shop fairly. This also helps prevents consignment hunters from crashing the event. If you don't have anything to bring, maybe your friend/s will share ;)

Any tips or suggestions for the ladies coming to the Sunday clothing swap?  
Jane - Keep your cool and share (there's more than enough to go around). If 2 people see the same item at the same time, be graceful and have friendly negotiations. Also, make sure to wear something change friendly, like tights or tight fitting tank. If you want to try clothes on openly this makes it a lot easier (we only have 1 washroom).
Bags & bags of donated clothes

Where are the left over donated clothes going and why?
Jane - It's being divided between WISH and DEWC (Downtown Eastside Women's Shelter).
Last year I did the swap in you know this story? I called ahead to see if the shelter could handle so MANY items and they had -- nothing. Saddest Christmas ever. The people at the DEWC asked if I could drop off all the donations before they opened at 10am, so I showed up at 9:45. About 25 women were waiting in line against the building. They were so lovely and helpful! They were giddy and thankful, helping me bring in bag after bag. We filled the entire donations centre! *heartswell*
This is the main reason why this year, we want to do the clothing swap before Christmas.


Have any unwanted makeup kicking around? You can bring it along and donate it as well. Don't forget to bring any deodorant, socks, undergarments, etc. that you might not need or use anymore, n'kay?

See you all there THIS Sunday from 4pm - 7pm at Sugarbox ~ 1025 Cambie street ;)