50 Shades Of Grey (Movie) : Filming In Vancouver In November

by Carmen Cruz

For all the 50 Shades fans (and you know who you are) let the stalking begin!    
The movie cast has been announced and so has the filming location.

Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim, Sons Of Anarchy) will be playing the infamous Christian Grey (turns out Ryan Gosling was the first choice and not surprisingly, turned down the offer) and Dakota Johnson (The Social Network) will be playing Anastasia Steele.

Filming starts November 5th in Vancouver's North Shore Studios.

While many may roll their eyes to hear the news, I say, CONGRATS to the BC film industry! After taking a few big hits over the past year, this is awesome news. Let's get this raunchy movie DONE!!!




P.S: Here's hoping the director draws some inspiration from THIS... ;D