Long Weekend Adventures & Songs Of The Week: Big Pun, Ginuwine, R Kelly, Blackstreet, Missy Elliott

by Carmen Cruz

There are 2 words in the English language that will make a female germaphobe break down in tears:

Unisex Bathroom.

The biggest hotspot in Gastown is this fantastic pub/nightclub that has all the bells and whistles most people look for in a night out, but **shudder** those unisex bathrooms are a real killer. The putrid smell, the wet floors, the lifted toilet seat with... OK. Must stop. **find a happy place.... find a happy place...**
Let's call a spade a spade here: Men's bathroom = GROSS. Who honestly thought that this would be a good idea? Fail.
Moving on...
The 'Gastown hotspot' in question was playing wicked music. My friend A.B. and I ended up arriving in the middle of a retro R&B/Hip Hop musical set. I'm talking 90's - early 2000's. Let's just say that the dancing session there got pretty intense.
Here's a bit of musical goodness that might take you back to...

Big Pun ft. Joe ~ Still Not A Player

Ginuwine ~ Pony

R Kelly ~ Ignition (Remix)

Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen ~ No Diggity

Missy Elliott ~ Get Your Freak On