Surrey Celebration Site

by Carmen Cruz

So today, Monday, February 22nd, Laurie Logan and I head out to the Surrey Celebration Site to check out what's hot and what's happening. Turns out that the site is closed on Monday AND Tuesday (FYI!!!!) so we end up going on a tour.

It's a pretty cool layout and I've gotta say that it's definitely a more family friendly zone. With tons of stuff for the kids to try out (curling, tobogganing, skating, PLUS a kids zone!) the little ones will definitely be busy, just bring something to keep them entertained in those long lineups.

The concert lineup for this Saturday is STELLAR!!! Kuba Oms, Jon & Roy, Hey Rosetta!, You Say Party! We say Die!, Tokyo Police Club and Wintersleep. A solid lineup. So if you want to bypass the ridiculous lineups here in Vancouver, the Surrey Celebration Site is definitely where you wanna be. I say you try taking the skytrain there. If you're like me and foolish enough to pick the person with the WORST sense of direction to be your co-pilot (aka: Laurie Logan), then you'll spend a good 45 minutes lost and end up at a place called the 'T Barz'. See video.

That's it for me. Peace out!